Congress calendar

On this page you will find a calendar of upcoming congresses and similar scholarly events which focus on legal history. Maintaining actuality and creating the widest possible – and sensible – coverage of these events will not be easy, but let’s try it! Regrettably one day events will therefore not be mentioned here. Recent events will remain visible during the month of their occurrence. Events are shown in the following order:

  • Main congress series
  • Outside series
  • Workshops, seminars and lectures
  • Other calendars

There is also a small section on legal history prizes.

Main congress series

Outside series

Announcements of other congresses, symposia and seminars:


Siegen, February 29-March 1, 2024: Jugend unter Verdacht. Junge Menschen als Problem im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert


Workshops, seminars and lectures – series and single events

Single events:

Legal history prizes

Other calendars

It would be silly not to refer to congress calendars at other websites: