News on legal history

Even short posts can take a long time to write. I have nearly finished some of these posts. In November I have been busy with many things, not in the least with preparing a talk which will eventually develop into some papers, an article and very likely also into some posts here. Meanwhile it might seem you cannot find the latest news on my blog. What is perhaps more important, sometimes I add postscripts to my posts and I continue adding information to my website, too.  The fact that I often add recently found information made me think about adding a new element to my blog.

Just two weeks before the second anniversary of this blog I have decided to start writing tweets, short messages about the things which I notice on the Internet, but which for some reason do not go the journey from discovery to a blog post. Sometimes I have ventured to retell the story of a blog post found elsewhere, but often these posts themselves merit reading more than my attempts. Pointing you to fresh postcripts or to renewed webpages is another valuable thing to do. You can follow the tweets on the sidebar of the blog, or go directly to my page at Twitter. I will try to use the appropriate tags to make it easier to follow the subjects of your interest. My first tweets lack such tags… The Dutch twist here is the use of Dutch in some tweets! Hopefully I will learn to profit from the 140 letter limit imposed by Twitter, but this is also a challenge, as is establishing and keeping a decent rate to make it worthwhile following these messages. Finally and luckily it will depend on the character and importance of news about legal history whether I will succeed in making my tweets a success. Wish me luck!

On the blogroll of this blog you find a generous selection of links, in particular to other blogs. Some of them are also active on Twitter. The blog of the European Society for Comparative Legal History has a very useful service. Sean Patrick Donlan and his team provide you in their blogroll with the latest posts on a number of legal history blogs. I could perhaps configure my blog to  show the same service, but I would rather send you to the ESCLH blog. The Legal History Blog, too, puts recent posts in the blogroll.

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