From homepages to a website

It took me more time than I would have guessed: seven weeks ago I started work on converting my old homepages into a nice website of my own. In November my provider changed at short notice the URL of my homepages. You can imagine the effort to inform people about the new address. While murmuring about this unwelcome change the idea of creating a blog on legal history took precedence over starting the new website. Wisdom advised me to start with the conversion of the pages in Dutch.  If only working on this new website had been possible during February, things might have gone a bit quicker, but checking the information and tuning the web design were also necessary. As for now, only a few pages are available in English, but I promise to add the remaining pages as quickly as possible. It would not surprise me that the new page on digital libraries will get attention; adding the English version of it is my first duty. Enough, I cannot wait any longer: welcome at www.rechtshistorie.nlRechtshistorie is one of the two Dutch words for legal history. The other word, rechtsgeschiedenis, is already familiar to you. I hope that you will find the new website in some way helpful.