A new portal

The legal historians from Ghent publish every month Rechtshistorisch Nieuws, a digital newsletter (in Dutch) on legal history. You can subscribe to their e-mail service to receive this bulletin, which is published also at www.rechtsgeschiedenis.be, the site of the department for legal history at Ghent University. Every month you can find in this bulletin announcements of new books, events and lectures. The final item is often a short notice on a new website. In the latest issue of Rechtshistorisch Nieuws Fontes Historiae Iuris, a new portal site from Lille is presented briefly.  The aim of this new portal is to give you direct access to digitized old legal books and several kind of sources within a predefined framework: legislation, doctrine, custom law, jurisprudence (in particular collections of sentences), legal encyclopedias and dictionaries, and to provide guides to them. At this moment you will find for example guides to the collections of arrêts of the parlements, the high courts during the French Ancien Régime. Renaud Limelette offers a guide (in French) to the archives of the Parlement de Flandre in the period 1667-1790. These archives are mainly kept at the Archives Départementales du Nord at Lille. The ADN is famous for the diversity of the sources preserved, which are important not only for French history, but also for the legal history of Belgium and the Netherlands. However, presenting digitized books with relevance for legal historians, in an easy accessible way, is the main aim of Fontes Historiae Iuris. At this moment you will find mainly French works and translations into French from the eighteenth and nineteenth century. The équipe at Lille tries to create a bilingual portal: let’s hope they succeed on that road, too!

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